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Covid - 19 Information

Hey folks… fellow occupants of this crazy wonderful world 

The good and bad news is … we have made shipping arrangement so we now can receive product from our vendors during this unusual time… but … ourdollar has taken a sharp nosedive making purchasing US goods much more expensive and a small price increase might be noticed on product coming in. However prices in this catalog will be honored.

We want to be good global citizens and cooperate with our leaders so we can safeguard the health of all our loved ones and work through this situation. I guess patience is the key word now.

The good news is   … everything we have in stock is the same price it has been for more than a year and prices won’t change until we have to restock at a worse exchange rate. We ordered heavy for our first of March freight (not knowing all this was going to happen. Happy now!!) so we have a good stock of many great titles as you can see on our website.

To help you understand the terminology on our website, if an item says pre-order, we don’t have it yet. Also, if it says “call to order” it means we are out of stock for the time being.

As always, we ship anywhere in Canada for $5. For the time being we are at the store at least from 9-5 Mon-Sat.